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Daily Woof and Weather May 4

Lets start out with the weather today.  Whoooooooaaaa Nelly.  Today we had wind and rain and I think I saw a couple of cats falling out of the sky also.  Not enough cats of course.  I was trying to pick them off as they came down.

Good thing I overslept today for the boats as we cancelled our trip to Koh Tao because of the weather, but Eric, Joe and Stella toughed it out to Sail Rock today with our divers as the divers really wanted to go and we had some courses that we needed to finish before the full moon party tomorrow.

Congratulations to Brendon and Peter who completed their PADI open water courses today with Discovery Divers, and a big Happy Birthday to Peter also who got to spend it in the waves and water with us.  Kristi completed dive 3, but wasn’t feeling it with the big waves to do dive 4 tomorrow, but she’s going to tough it out and do here last open water dive tomorrow.  The good news was that once the gang got under the waves, sail rock was great with good viz and no current.  Good job everybody.

So, the weather isn’t gonna get any better the next few days as we have a big system coming in with wind and rain which is going to cause big waves.  The boss (me), has cancelled all the boats for the next couple of days because of this.  That doesn’t mean that we are going to stop the diving.  Because of the way the winds are, we are going to be able to do some dives off of Chewang Beach tomorrow.  I will definitely be personally supervising these dives and probably giving demonstrations to the divers.  Better that they learn from the best.

Since I couldn’t go diving today at least I got to hang out at the office with my good buddy Gihan, that’s Joe’s son.  We got some play time together.  After a hard day I didn’t feel like driving, so I caught a ride on the back of some chick’s motorbike for a ride home.  I don’t need to tell you how I paid for it (wink, wink).  We got some video of that on our face book page which you can reach from our home page link at

Bark at ya later,