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Daily Woof and Weather June 3

I was in the office on the wrong day today.  It seems that I missed a concert on the boat today on the way back from Koh Tao.  We had a big group of 19 people to Koh Tao today.  We had Eric, Joe, Axel, Seb, Tao, and Bee all working today on the boat while I had to stay in the office.  The divers all had a blast while I had to sit in the office dreaming about diving.

Tomorrow is another busy day with divers and courses going to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.  I really hope I get to go diving tomorrow also.  I am waiting for the call.

Well, the weather looks like it is going to go a little downhill from here for the next few days.  After tomorrow the winds are going to really pick up and we expect big waves for Wednesday and Thursday,  I hope this doesn’t affect me going to the full moon party on Tuesday.  All my friends are going, but I hope the boats can go there with the waves.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today and we have some video of the concert on our facebook page.  You can get to it from the link at the bottom of our home page at

Bark at ya later,