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Daily Woof and Weather May 20

So I took the day off today as planned.  No, it had nothing to do with my massive hangover.  I did go out last night taking some potential clients out to the Boneyard for some drinks.  CC, Tong Naam, Deng Mo and Max.  They are all thinking of taking the PADI Canine Open water course next week.  At least that is what I am telling the boss tomorrow when I hand him the receipt for 10,000 baht to be reimbursed as a business expense.

I really must have been drunk because I had a dream that i was humping this nice little filly I met at the Boneyard, but found out later that it was some human leg over at Green Mango.  Boy was my dad pissed when he had to pick me up there at 3:00 am and pay the girl 2000 baht on top of it.  is that what a leg goes for nowadays?  God, I hope those pictures don’t end up on my Facebook page.

So, when I did get up i spend the rest of the day hiding out from my dad in my new house that is being built. “Stoli Estates”.  I hadn’t been there in a while so I went to inspect what was going on and WOW, the house is really coming along.  Of course they haven’t started on the little house in the back where my dad is going to live.

I checked in at the shop later and found out that they had a fun day scuba diving at Sail Rock.  Congratulations to Gautum on completing his PADI open water course and to Rahon on completing his PADI scuba diver course today.  Good job guys.

Tomorrow we have divers going to Sail Rock and to Koh Tao.

The next few days look pretty good with very little chance of rain and sunny skies and hot temps.  Perfect for diving.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the new house

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and Weather May 19

So yesterday it’s whalesharks and today it’s turtles.  Looks like the gang had a great day in Koh Tao diving while I was stuck in the office all day.  I kept busy packing bags, selling t-shirts and booking divers as well as stealing food from whoever I could.

Looks like I will be in the office tomorrow again with my dad, so that means I can sleep in a little tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll be heading to the Boneyard for a few drinks tonight then.  there should be some good tail there tonight being Saturday night and all.  Of course I mean pretty dog tails for all of you with dirty minds.

Speaking of tails, the guys today saw a pink tailed triggerfish at shark island today.  I haven’t seen one of those before and they got to play with a turtle for a while also.  Well, I’ll be getting over there for scuba diving soon I hope.

Tomorrow we are off to Sail Rock with a bunch of PADI courses and fun divers.  Should be a great day and hopefully another whale shark around.

Weather seems to be the same here in Koh Samui as no rain and the winds dying down, so should be great to the boats.

Here’s some pictures from today.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather May 18

Whaleshark, whaleshark, whaleshark.  That’s all I hear today.  What’s so damn special about a whaleshark?  Now if they saw a dogshark I could understand all the excitement.  I know they don’t get the press that the whalesharks get, but did I ever tell you guys about the dogsharks i saw while diving on a little island off the coast of Malaysia?   These were amazing.  They had four paw-fins, and you know they were dogsharks because of their wet noses.  That is the key.  Every dogshark I saw under water had a wet nose and they were always looking for an underwater fire hydrant to pee on.

So I think we should start a campaign to rename some of the dive spots around here that have been unfairly named after sharks.  how about Dog island?  Dog Point? Dog Rock?  Poodle Pinnacle?  Lets get on the wagon people.

So, all this came up today because the gang was diving today at Sail Rock and at Koh Tao and they scuba diving gang at Sail Rock got to swim around with a whaleshark (big deal) for about 20 minutes before all the other boats came in.  We have some great shots here and on our facebook site which you can link to from

So, tomorrow is another big day at Discovery Divers.  We have boats going out to Sail Rock and Koh Tao again.  Tomorrow we have discovery scuba diving programs and fun divers and then next week we have a big group of people coming in for some PADI courses.

The weather looks great for the next couple of days as the winds are dying down and we should have pretty flat seas and lots of sun with temperatures in the mid-30’s.

Here are some pictures from today and I will try to dig up some of my pictures of the dogsharks for tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,


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Daily Woof and Weather May 16

I thought I’d get my blog written before dinner tonight.  We are still at the office at 7 pm, so that must mean that Dad is taking me to the Amari beach BBQ tonight for dinner.  Awesome.  They have steak, chicken, pork and lots of dessert.  I can’t wait, so I will have to hurry up with my blog.

I was up early today to go diving at Sail Rock.  All I have been hearing all week is how great it is there now so I thought I’d get my ass up and see for myself.  When I got to the shop I found out that there were two other dog divers today with discovery and the guys had to use my BCD for them.  I guess I will have to wait until Friday to go.  I am sure the conditions will still be great on Friday.

Today we had a good mix of people going to Koh Tao and Sail Rock.  Congratulations to Satyan and Sarah in completing their open water course today and to Ansar on his first dive ever today.  Both Koh Tao and Sail rock were great today as you can see from the pictures below.

The winds are supposed to calm down a bit tomorrow, but still h]ave some for the next week or so, but as long as the diving is good, we can put up with some bumpy boat rides.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather May 15

Wow, looks like to time to break the surfboard out again and hang 20.  The waves got a little big this afternoon.  They must have because I saw Joe wakeboarding on the back of Blue Fin on the way back from Koh Tao today.  The good thing is that the waves are not affecting visibility at all.  Sail Rock was 30 meters today and beautiful  I guess I can trade some waves for those kind of conditions.

Tomorrow we have trips going to Koh Tao and Sail Rock again, and I’ll be ripping it up on Cheweng Beach getting ready for the Dob Surfing championships.  I saw this movie Marmaduke the other day and the dogs surfing in that movie couldn’t hold a paw to my skills.

The weather for tomorrow calls for more wind and a few waves but still dry.

Here are some pictures from today.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather May 14

So how do these gecko guys get on the walls and the ceilings.  Something is not right here.  I have been trying all night to climb the walls and the ceilings to get them and my feet just won’t stick.  I am going to try the glue my dad has as soon as he goes to sleep.  I am sure that’s what the geckos are using.  Wait till I get my paws on one of those guys!

Oh, was I supposed to be talking about diving?  Well for low season we sure are busy.  Yesterday we had 14 divers out to Koh Tao including a lot of DSDs.  What a fun time everyone had and a few even booked again for today.  Today Claudio, Eric and Stella went out to Sail Rock and I heard it was beautiful.  25 meter visibility and tons of fish.  Stella was completing some of here final things to become a divemaster including her deep dive (41 meters today), equipment exchange and diver rescue. Joe and Axel were in the office and pool with students.

Tomorrow we have trips going to Sail Rock and Koh Tao.  I’ll be holding down the office for everybody till they come back.

The weather looks dry the next few days, but some wind coming in which will cause a few waves.  This pattern seems to be hanging around for a few days, but no rain with it.

I’ll leave you with some more pictures.

Bark at ya later,


Daily Woof and Weather May 11

Hey Guys,

Well, it got real busy again here and on my day off also.  I spent the day at the spa getting a hair cut, manicure and pedicure while the shop was very busy.  I am not sure how they got along without me as I am the top salesman in the office.

I guess the vacation is over as we have a lot of customers for tomorrow.  We have boats going to Sail Rock and to Koh Tao.  Sunday already looks busy too with a lot of fun dives and first time DSDs.

Sorry, but have to keep it short today as my hair is not dry yet and I need to get back under the dryer.

The weather is looking great for the next few days with no rain and just a little wind in the forecast.  No real big waves though.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of yesterday’s diving.

Bark at ya later,