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Daily Woof and Weather May 29

Yes!!! Yes!!, I finally got to go diving today.  We had a big group of divers and snorkelers going to Koh Tao today and I overheard Eric saying that we needed a snorkel guide for the trip and I raised my paw right away and volunteered.  Of course it was a no brainer as I am the best snorkel guide on the island.

So we took off to Koh Tao today and I had the best time.  I made a lot of friends and showed the gang all the good snorkel spots and fish in Koh Tao.  I also was the boatmaster today and gave the briefing and helped the gang getting the equipment on and off and barking instructions from the boat.  i also got to go diving during lunch.  After I stole some food of course.  I even got tipped at the end of the day also with some chicken nuggets.  What a great day.

We had the whole gang on the boat as we had 3 families doing PADI discovery scuba diving, and some divers and snorkelers.  Eric, Claudio, Axel, Joe, Stella and myself of course were all on the boat.

Tomorrow we have a trip to Sail Rock, but I am so exhausted that I may have to take the day off.

Well, the rain held off today and it is supposed to improve the next few days so the diving should be getting good.

I’ll leave you with a bunch of photos here on the blog, but we will have a ton more on our facebook page.  you can reach the page through the link at the bottom of our homepage at

Bark at ya after some sleep,


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