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Daily Woof and Weather May 28

Oh Boy, looks like I missed a great day at Sail Rock.  they even saw an octopus.  I have never seen an octopus there before, but they have a picture so I guess it’s true.  Well, today at least the rain held off, for now, but it looks like more coming tonight and tomorrow.  I guess I will do my diving in the street tomorrow, or will that fall through for me too?

Today was a little quiet with just a couple of people going to Sail Rock, but tomorrow we got a big group going to Koh Tao with 6 people trying scuba diving for the first time and a bunch of other divers and snorkelers going with them.  I think they are going to need me on the boat tomorrow as a dogmaster to help.  I sure hope so.  I am itching to get back down under the water (or maybe that’s the fleas).

So, the weather is going to be a little rough for the next day, but then it is supposed to clear up and be a lot nicer.

The gang finally put up some pictures from the other day and if you want to see some funny video they took of Stella during her stress test.  They made her change masks underwater and then gave her a mask with a hole in it.  What a bunch of mean guys.  I’m gonna kick some ass if I found out who’s idea that was.  you can check out the video on our facebook page at      or link at the bottom of our home page at

Bark at ya later,


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