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Daily Woof and Weather May 27

Happy Memorial Day to my American friends out there.  Another day here and another day I got jipped.

Yesterday I was told that I was first up for taking out divers on Sunday because everyone wanted the day off for Stella’s PADI divemaster graduation party.  So I figured as long as I get to go diving then I can miss the party.  In fact I was all psyched to use my new dive computer that I had just bought.  I spent the day Saturday learning all about the computer and how to use it on my dives.

Then Eric tells me that because of the bad weather forecast for Sunday he decided to cancel the diving for the day as we felt it wouldn’t be fun for the divers to go out in huge waves and rain, and boy was he right because it rained all day here.  So, because he gave everyone else off, I had to work the office today so everyone else could go out and party last night.  I went to the party, but had to come home early so i could get some sleep before work.

They tell me the party was great last night and congratulations to my best friend Stella who after 3 months of very hard work completed her divemaster training and now is a full fledged divemaster.  Of course I completed my dogmaster course in 2 months, but I also am very talented.  There are some great pictures from last night you can see at the bottom of my blog.

The weather today kind of sucked, but it is supposed to start getting better after tomorrow.  Tomorrow will still have some winds and probably 1 meter waves, but Tuesday everything is supposed to calm down and the seas should get back to normal and the rain should be stopping.

Bark at ya later,