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Daily Woof and Weather May 5

Always the groomsman, never the groom.  Well another one bit the dust today.  Can you believe it that on one of our dives today, a couple got engaged.  It was a complete surprise to Monica when she found a ring hidden inside coral at Japanese Gardens during their dive today.  The only problem is that I actually bought the ring and hid it to propose to her and Ben got all the credit and the girl!  Life is so unfair.  Now I am out a ton of money and didn’t get the girl. She even said yes to him.

Well, I guess i will have to say congratulations to Ben and Monica on their engagement.  Just another exciting day here at Discovery Divers.

Tomorrow I am sure I will be on the boat as we have a big group going to Sail Rock.  That will get my mind off my broken heart I hope.

The weather might be a little bit dicey for the next couple of days.  We are expecting some high winds and waves for the next couple of days and maybe some rain also.  Well, the rain doesn’t bother me anyway.  If I can’t go diving I need to get wet some way.

Here are some pictures from today’s dive and if you’d like to see the engagement video, then check out our facebook page where it is posted.  you can link to it from the bottom of our home page at

Bark at ya later,