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Daily Woof and Weather May 22

So today I had to go to the beach at Chaweng and supervise Stella doing her 800 meter divemaster swim.  I made sure to pay strict attention to her and not be distracted by anything. Especially the fish.  I remember when I had to do my swim when I was completing my Dogmaster course.  They made me do it twice.  How was I supposed to know that it was against PADI rules to have my friends drag a cat through the water in front of me while I was swimming?  I did the first time in 5 minutes.

It was a little quiet at work today, but we still had a trip out to Sail Rock today which I heard was really nice.  Tomorrow we have Eric, Stella, Axel and Claudio on the boats to Koh Tao and Sail Rock and Claudio will be starting some  PADI open water courses at the Amari.  I’m still waiting for my phone call to see what my assignment is for tomorrow.  I am sure that after doing such a good job supervising today, I am probably up for a promotion.

The forecast for the next few days is more of the same.  Sunny and hot.  The wind event that they originally forecasted seems to be calming down a bit so maybe no big waves, but we’ll keep you posted.

I have some action shots that someone took of me today that I haven’t seen yet.  I am sure they will show my professionalism today.  You can also check out some video on our facebook page


Bark at ya later,