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Daily Woof and Weather May 18

Whaleshark, whaleshark, whaleshark.  That’s all I hear today.  What’s so damn special about a whaleshark?  Now if they saw a dogshark I could understand all the excitement.  I know they don’t get the press that the whalesharks get, but did I ever tell you guys about the dogsharks i saw while diving on a little island off the coast of Malaysia?   These were amazing.  They had four paw-fins, and you know they were dogsharks because of their wet noses.  That is the key.  Every dogshark I saw under water had a wet nose and they were always looking for an underwater fire hydrant to pee on.

So I think we should start a campaign to rename some of the dive spots around here that have been unfairly named after sharks.  how about Dog island?  Dog Point? Dog Rock?  Poodle Pinnacle?  Lets get on the wagon people.

So, all this came up today because the gang was diving today at Sail Rock and at Koh Tao and they scuba diving gang at Sail Rock got to swim around with a whaleshark (big deal) for about 20 minutes before all the other boats came in.  We have some great shots here and on our facebook site which you can link to from

So, tomorrow is another big day at Discovery Divers.  We have boats going out to Sail Rock and Koh Tao again.  Tomorrow we have discovery scuba diving programs and fun divers and then next week we have a big group of people coming in for some PADI courses.

The weather looks great for the next couple of days as the winds are dying down and we should have pretty flat seas and lots of sun with temperatures in the mid-30’s.

Here are some pictures from today and I will try to dig up some of my pictures of the dogsharks for tomorrow.

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