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Daily Woof and Weather May 15

Wow, looks like to time to break the surfboard out again and hang 20.  The waves got a little big this afternoon.  They must have because I saw Joe wakeboarding on the back of Blue Fin on the way back from Koh Tao today.  The good thing is that the waves are not affecting visibility at all.  Sail Rock was 30 meters today and beautiful  I guess I can trade some waves for those kind of conditions.

Tomorrow we have trips going to Koh Tao and Sail Rock again, and I’ll be ripping it up on Cheweng Beach getting ready for the Dob Surfing championships.  I saw this movie Marmaduke the other day and the dogs surfing in that movie couldn’t hold a paw to my skills.

The weather for tomorrow calls for more wind and a few waves but still dry.

Here are some pictures from today.

Bark at ya later,