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Daily Woof and Weather May 8

Today was another fun day here at Discovery. I had dome things to take care of with the new doghouse we are building, so everyone else got to go diving. Stella even saw here first whale shark today at Shark Island.

We also had divers to Sail Rock who saw a lot of cool stuff. After all the diving I decided to take my dad fishing at Choeng Mon beach. I’m getting pretty good at picking them out of the shallow water. Unfortunately I really like the crabs but they don’t like me. Why do they always try to pinch my nose?

I got a little dirty and my dad forced me to take a shower. I am not sure why as I always smell like roses.

The weather was beautiful today and supposed to stay that way for the next few days, with tomorrow a high of 35 and 37 by Thursday.

Well, tomorrow we have a trip to Koh Tao and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. I may sleep in a little as I am pretty tired from my fishing. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the diving today and some of yours truly.

Bark at ya later,