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Daily Woof and Weather April 25

Hey everyone,

Sorry that is has been a couple of days since my last post, but I have been busy looking at new equipment for the shop.  as you all know we replace most of our equipment every year to keep everything modern and updated and safe.  I am ready to put in an order for all new fins and a bunch of new BCDs.

Also, I hear Joe talking all the time about France, so I decided that I want to go there and visit.  Everytime I look at that Eiffel tower my mouth waters.  It looks like the biggest fire hydrant I have ever seen.  When I go to France I am going to drink water like crazy the whole way over and then hold in my pee for two days.  I want to be ready when I get to that huge fire hydrant to let loose!!  Also I hear they let dogs into all the restaurants there.  Awesome, i may never come home.

I’ve even started trying on some hats to wear over there to fit in with the local dogs.

The diving here has been great as usual this time of year and there are tons of fish around.  We’ve been able to relax a little with low season here, but are looking pretty busy for this weekend coming up.  It’s nice that the crew have been getting some days off to take a rest after going about 6-7 weeks before with almost no days off.  I know I needed the rest.

The weather has been hotter than hell here and very little rain.  We do have a little wind coming

in a couple of days which I am sure will help with the hot weather.

I’ll leave with a picture from yesterday at sail rock of my friend the puffer fish and some of my modeling pictures of my French clothes.

Bark at ya later,


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