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Daily Woof and Weather April 22

So today I competed in the Samui triathlon.  I kicked ass in the 4 KM swim, easily beating everybody, and then they let me use my 4 pedal bike because of my 4 paw handicap of course and I was able to keep pace with everyone else.  I went into the final part of the triathlon, the 30 KM run in the lead.  this was so easy as no one could keep up with me.  I was cruising into the final 2 KM and no one was even close to me…….  and then I smelled the chicken.  I don’t know why they didn’t remove all the venders from the road, but the chicken smell was just too much for me to handle, so I thought I’d have enough time for a quick steal of a breast and a leg or so.  Especially because the vender was not watching.  I stopped and fueled up for my final 2 km of running and finished stong in first place.  What no one told me was that I am not allowed to leave the course.  What a crock of s#*t.  So I was disqualified.  I was already for my face to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and for my interview on ESPN 8 (the Ocho), that was covering the race for worldwide television.  All for nothing.  Now I am tired and have no trophy.

At least the guys at the shop had a great day.  We got to see another whale shark today in Koh Tao, and turtles also.  I could have been there instead of wasting my time kicking ass in a race and then getting disqualified.

Congratulations to Itay today on completing his open water course.

As far as the weather goes, today was really hot.  I would have been sweating my balls off if my cruel dad didn’t cut them off already a few years ago, but I was sweating anyway.  Sunny and hot and looks like the same for the next few days.

I’ll leave you guys with some pictures of my swimming in the triathlon and you can see Eric and Stella who were working as rescue divers for the swimming portion of the event.  Also some pictures of today’s dives.

Bark at ya later,