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Daily Woof and Weather April 21

Ok, so it’s been 3 days of scrubbing my teeth and using doggy mouthwash.  I am hoping for another chance to go on the boat without getting kicked off for “doggy breath”.  Have you smelled the breath of some of those dive instructors, is mine really any worse?  Especially the Brits.  We’ll give it a shot tomorrow as my dad and Stella are going to work as rescue divers for the Samui marathon and I am going to be there as a participant of course.  I am sure I’ll have no problem with the swimming and running parts, but i still need to practice a little on my cycling.  I hope they allow my bike with the 4 pedals.

The rest of the gang at work has still been busy, Axel was at Sail Rock today and Claudio at Koh Tao.  Eric was working with Stella on her divemaster training.

I want to wish my buddy Axel a happy birthday today and he has the day off tomorrow so he can go out an celebrate tonight.  I already set it up for free drinks for him at the Boneyard.  I of course can’t gon out with the triathlon tomorrow. Also we got Joe and Claudio out to Koh Tao tomorrow.

The weather is looking great for the next 4-5 days, so I can enjoy some beach time after the race tomorrow.

Have a good weekend and bark at ya later.