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Daily Woof and Weather April 18

Jipped again.  So I go to the boat today as I had three fundivers to take to Koh Tao including my friend View and when I get to the boat they made everyone take a breathalyzer test.  They tell me I failed the test and could not go diving today.  That is impossible because I have not drank alcohol since Songkran.  They then tell me that it is not alcohol, but I got rejected because my breath stinks!!  Can you believe this?  Ok, so I haven’t brushed my teeth in let say 6 months or so, but this is unfair.  who can smell my breath underwater anyway?  Are they afraid I will scare off the fish?

Either way, it looks like I missed a great day.  Eric, Claudio, Axel, Joe and Stella were all on the boats today and they all had fun.  They even saw sharks today at Koh Tao.  I bet they could have used me to kick that sharks ass.  Congratulations to Joanna and James on completing their open water course and to View on her first dives.  View actually got very scared on here second dive when she got too close to a turtle.

Tomorrow we are off to Sail Rock, but I guess I will be home brushing my teeth and buying mouthwash so I can go on the next trip.

It looks like we may get a little storm now (5:00), but then back to sunny and hot for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I will leave you with some pictures of what you (and I) missed today.

Bark at ya later,


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