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Daily Woof and Weather April 10

Yo Yo,

Well I spent the day getting ready for Songkran.  Even picked up my Scooby Doo water gun.  Hey, how come they don’t have a Stoli water gun?  Is this Scooby Doo guy really that cool anyway?  I think it would be a lot better having me in the show with my Stoli snacks.  I also don’t need that little scrappy guy around.  I can have my friend View instead.

So, looks like I made a big mistake and should have been on the boat today.  Our guys saw so much stuff today that my tail is still spinning from looking at all the pictures and video.  We had a full house again with Danny and Leslie doing their advanced course, Taron, Seth and Adrienne doing their open water and lots of fun divers.  Looks like everyone had a blast.

I am posting a lot of pictures today as there are so many good ones.  Also, we have some pictures of our new divemaster trainee and my buddy View in the pool.

Any winds are supposed to calm down tonight and the forecast is for no rain or wind for the foreseeable future.  This must be why we have such incredible conditions right now.

Well, let me get these pics out to you and bark at ya later,


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