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Daily Woof and Weather April 5

Ok, so I have been promised again that I get to go diving tomorrow.  I am starting to think that this will never happen.  They are probably going to drop me off in a dog hotel again and go have fun.

I am sorry for not blogging a lot lately, but I have been so busy I have not had time

What I do know is that we have been crazy busy for the last two weeks and looks like it for the next week also.  I think it is because of the great diving conditions we have now.  Tomorrow we have 18 people on the boat with Eric, Claudio, Axel, Stella, Claire and Bruce all working.  Joe has to stay in the office with an ear infection.  We have all sorts of divers going tomorrow.  Courses and fund divers tomorrow.

The weather is supposed to stay real nice through the week with sunny skies and hot, hot, hot!!

I know I haven’t given you guys any pictures to look at for the past week or so, but here are some from this weeks diving.  Hope you enjoy them.

Bark at ya later,



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