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Daily Woof and Weather April 1

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Well, looks like my dad did and early April Fools joke on me.  I was all packed up for my trip to Doggieland, and so excited and jumped in the car only to be dropped off at the doggy hotel while my dad and Stella went diving in the Similans.  That is the last time I trust that guy!!

Meanwhile, not only did I not get to go to Doggieland or the Similans, but I heard that the diving conditions here got really awesome and I had to miss it.  Sail Rock was 35 meters visibility yesterday and last week there were whale sharks there that our divers got to swim with.  We even got the boat to stop on the way back on Friday to snorkel with another one near Koh Phangyon.

On another note, last night was the big fundraiser and raffle for Dayna and it went really great.  There were some awesome prizes donated including a dinner with me.  I hope a cute girl won that one.  All in all over 100,000 has been raised to help with Dayna’s medical bills.  Since Dayna is my good friend I wan to thank everyone who helped out and donated cash and prizes.

The shop ahs been really crazy busy and not sure how they survived without me last week, but I will be back in the shop tomorrow to straighten everything and everybody out.

Today was a washout as we got a real bad storm last night and there was still a lot of rain and lightning this morning and we had to cancel the boats due to safety reasons.  the good news is that the weather got better in the morning and supposed to be good all week.

Tomorrow we are crazy again with Eric, Claudio, Axel, Bruce and Claire all on the boats with open water courses, scuba diver courses, advanced courses and fundivers.

Like I said before, today we got a little storm, but it looks like smooth sailing the rest of the week so we can get out and enjoy those great conditions.

I’m gonna go grab myself a shower and get to bed for work tomorrow so I’ll leave you with some pictures of last nights fundraiser and I’ll get some of last weeks great pictures to you tomorrow.

Bark at ya later,