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Daily Woof and weather March 15

Well, I did get my wish last night and Dad took me out for a rib dinner with Axel, Rafael, Maite and Stella.  Eric even promised to take me on the boat diving today.  The ribs were great and I also drank a lot of beer with it.  Unfortunately, I think I drank a little too much beer and slept right through my alarm.  I missed the boat and the diving.  It made me sick when I saw the pictures from today’s trip as it looks like everyone had a blast at Koh Tao.  I even saw the picture of all the girls (Mindy, Stella, Bianca, and Maite).  Just to think, I could have been in the middle of that picture.

Well, tomorrow I will be in the office again as everyone else is busy doing diving and courses.  Tomorrow Dayna will be doing open water course and Eric will be doing the rescue diver course with Rafael and Stella.

The weather for tomorrow is more of the same with a high temperature of 33 (whoa, hot hot), and sunny skies.  Pretty much standard for this time of year.  Also it looks as the wind will be changing this week to a west wind which is great for diving.  Hopefully the change in wind patterns will clear out Sail Rock and make it good for diving again.

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures from my dinner last night and the diving today.

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof and weather March 14

Hey everybody,

I am writing the blog now and I am pissed off!!   I had to stay at home all day today and wait for them to come fi the satellite while everyone else had a great time on the boat.  I guess I’ll have to leave a little package for my dad on the living room floor to remind him to take me on the boat next time.  I did not even get to see my friends Rafael and Maite who were diving today.

The good news is dad say i can go to dinner tonight at Catcandoo to make up for it.  I love their ribs.

So, today had Eric, Karl, Axel, and Joe on the boats to Koh Tao.  Congratulations to Bianca who finished her open water course today and it looked like everyone had a good time.

Tomorrow looks like another great day with Eric, Karl, and Axel on the boat.

The weather has calmed down now and we had flat seas today and it looks like more sunshine and hot weather for the foreseeable future with sunny and high of 33 tomorrow.

Well, I have to run and get ready for dinner, so i am leaving you with a ton of pictures from today’s dive’s.  i better get a lot of ribs to make up for missing this.

Bark at ya later,


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Daily Woof and Weather March 14

Hey Peeps,

We had another busy day here at Discovery.  Unfortunately I did not have any customers today, but Eric, Axel and Joe had divers going to Sail Rock.  Dayna was lucky and got to go to Malaysia for one of those fun visa runs.  I have my own doggy work visa here in Thailand already and don’t need to go to Malaysia.

Tomorrow is another rager on the boats as we have a bunch of fun divers, dsd’s and Bianca finishing her open water course this week.  And then after that we have Rafael and Stella doing their rescue diver courses.  This is a fun one for me, because I get to help out during the panicked dog drill.  Even though I am completely comfortable in the water I have to fake like I am panicking.  I hope I do better this time, because the last time I helped I licked the rescuer by mistake.  I was supposed to hit them with my paws.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s diving including a cool one of two puffer fish swimming together.
Bark at ya later,


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Daily Woof -11th March


Today, I took my doggy-divers out from the beach to Chaweng Reef (the captain wouldn’t allow me on the boat with the other people). It was a long doggy paddle out, but well worth it! We saw a big ball of catfish, which we all found hard to resist chasing round in circles -it wasn’t just the ‘cat’ instinct in us, we love to chase balls too!

Meanwhile, Karl took Christine out for a Deep Adventure dive on 32% Nitrox at Chumphon Pinnacle, which was beautiful. Joe had three fun divers and a couple of snorkellers joined us too. Here’s a few photos of Christine and the others on their wild adventure!

I’ll woof again tomorrow!


Daily Woof and weather March 10

Finally, I started my first doggy open water course today.  My students were CC and Franco.  Today we started out with the theory in the morning which consisted of some of the rules of diving ( no pooping on the boat, not peeing on the equipment, etc.) Then after we went to the pool at the Amari to do our confined water training and for some reason they asked us to leave and continue on the beach.  No fair!! The other instructors get to use the pool.  So, I started the guys off with their 200m swim and the 300m chase around the beach.  After that we put on our kit and did confined water dives 1-3 off of Choeng Mon beach.  Both of my students did very good and I also recruited 5 more dogs to start their course next week.

I wasn’t the only one busy today.  We had a good group on the boat today with some fun divers and some courses.  Right now we have advanced courses and nitrox specialties going on and some open waters starting tomorrow.  I hope that after this course I can maybe teach some of these dogs the advanced.  You can check out some of the pictures from my course, together with some of the days’ diving in Koh Tao below.  I hope to get done as my friends Rafael and Maite are coming in next week to do some diving and Rescue Diver course and nitrox courses.  I am sure Eric will ask me to assist in the rescue course.  I can be the panicked dog in the water.  I can’t wait till they try to give my rescue breaths.

As far as the weather goes, looks good again for tomorrow.  Hot and sunny.  Like grounddog day.  The system that was supposed to come in next week looks like it is weakening, so we may have a few days of wind, but then calming right down again.

Well, I got to go plan for tomorrow’s open water sessions so

Bark at ya later,



Daily Woof & Weather -9th March

Hey buddies,

I took the day off today and left Eric & Dayna to entertain the crowds in the shop as my ears have been a bit sore (which I’m off to see the doc about) and with all the customers trying to scratch behind them (which I usually love, btw), it’s been agony trying to not yelp and scare the lovely people off! So I apologize for those of you that missed me today.

With regards to diving, Axel went to Chumphon Pinnacles today with Isabelle & Simon from Germany. All went well and the sun shone for everyone …speaking of sun, it’s been roasting hot the last few days, even with some heavy rain in the evenings, it’s still really warm. Tomorrow looks like another nice day; cloudy in the morning with highs of 29*C, and no rain forecast. So, there’s no excuse now for you not to come & join in the fun!

I should be back in the office tomorrow, so stay tun(a)ed…

Daily Woof and weather March 7

I finally took a day off to go to the salon and get my hair and nails cut.  Although it doesn’t really matter as I was irresistible to the ladies without my haircut.  Of course now I am the stud dog of Samui with my new haircut.

Hopefully the shop did not burn down without my supervision, but I checked in through the day and found out that everyone had a great day on the boats to Koh Tao.  Karl and Dayna had fundivers (including Phillipe, who is celebrating his 50th birthday today), Joe had some DSD’s and Axel had a nice group of DSDs also.  Eric had to stay in the office while everyone else was in the water.

Tomorrow we have divers going out to the Marine Park.  That should be fun, but I think I will just strut up and down the beautiful beach here at the shop and tease the other dogs.

As far as the weather goes, more perfect weather for tomorrow, with a high of 32 and sunshine.  It is getting a little hot now, and good thing we have the pool and sea to cool ourselves off in.

I’ll leave you some pictures of today’s dives and maybe a glamour shot also.

Bark at ya later,