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Daily Woof and Weather March 24

Hey Everybody,

Another great day here at Discovery Divers.  I spent the whole day in the office catching up on my paperwork while the guys had fun on the boat today.  We also had Stella out by the pool doing try dives.

Today the guys had open water courses and DSDs in Koh Tao.  Joe told me that Shark Island was beautiful today.  It’s good to see that conditions are starting to get great again.  Hopefully I can get out there soon and dive.

I spent a lot of the day helping plan for the fundraiser we are having next week for my friend Dayna to help with her medical bills.  I hear that she may be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.  The whole dive community here in Samui has pulled together and really come through with a lot of cash to help and the dive shops are all donating stuff to raffle off at the party.

Who will win the dinner with me?  I hope a cute girl, but I will take the highest bidder of course.  We will start at 10,000.

The weather is more of the same, but boy was it hot today.  i think today was the hottest day we have had all year.

I’ve got to get back to my work now so

Bark at ya later,



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