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Daily Woof and Weather March 21

Yo Yo Yo,

I took the day off from work today to help organize a party-fundraiser for my pal Dayna who is still in the hospital.  We are going to have it on Saturday March 31, at Hush in Soi Green Mango.  I have barked at a lot of the dive shops around the island and we are going to have a raffle with some great prizes to give away.  I even am going to donate a dinner with me at one of my favorite restaurants.  Maybe I can even get my favorite bar “The boneyard ” to throw a party.

Now back to the diving.  Congratulations to David and Jun in completing their open water course and to Stella in completing her Emergency First Responder course.  Now I feel safer if something happens to me with her around.

Tomorrow we have a big group of people trying scuba diving for the first time going to Koh Tao.  They will have a blast I am sure.

The weather is getting to be a broken record.  Hot and sunny with no rain.

Bark at ya later,


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