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Daily Woof and weather March 15

Well, I did get my wish last night and Dad took me out for a rib dinner with Axel, Rafael, Maite and Stella.  Eric even promised to take me on the boat diving today.  The ribs were great and I also drank a lot of beer with it.  Unfortunately, I think I drank a little too much beer and slept right through my alarm.  I missed the boat and the diving.  It made me sick when I saw the pictures from today’s trip as it looks like everyone had a blast at Koh Tao.  I even saw the picture of all the girls (Mindy, Stella, Bianca, and Maite).  Just to think, I could have been in the middle of that picture.

Well, tomorrow I will be in the office again as everyone else is busy doing diving and courses.  Tomorrow Dayna will be doing open water course and Eric will be doing the rescue diver course with Rafael and Stella.

The weather for tomorrow is more of the same with a high temperature of 33 (whoa, hot hot), and sunny skies.  Pretty much standard for this time of year.  Also it looks as the wind will be changing this week to a west wind which is great for diving.  Hopefully the change in wind patterns will clear out Sail Rock and make it good for diving again.

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures from my dinner last night and the diving today.

Bark at ya later,