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Daily Woof and Weather March 14

Hey Peeps,

We had another busy day here at Discovery.  Unfortunately I did not have any customers today, but Eric, Axel and Joe had divers going to Sail Rock.  Dayna was lucky and got to go to Malaysia for one of those fun visa runs.  I have my own doggy work visa here in Thailand already and don’t need to go to Malaysia.

Tomorrow is another rager on the boats as we have a bunch of fun divers, dsd’s and Bianca finishing her open water course this week.  And then after that we have Rafael and Stella doing their rescue diver courses.  This is a fun one for me, because I get to help out during the panicked dog drill.  Even though I am completely comfortable in the water I have to fake like I am panicking.  I hope I do better this time, because the last time I helped I licked the rescuer by mistake.  I was supposed to hit them with my paws.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today’s diving including a cool one of two puffer fish swimming together.
Bark at ya later,


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