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Daily Woof and weather March 10

Finally, I started my first doggy open water course today.  My students were CC and Franco.  Today we started out with the theory in the morning which consisted of some of the rules of diving ( no pooping on the boat, not peeing on the equipment, etc.) Then after we went to the pool at the Amari to do our confined water training and for some reason they asked us to leave and continue on the beach.  No fair!! The other instructors get to use the pool.  So, I started the guys off with their 200m swim and the 300m chase around the beach.  After that we put on our kit and did confined water dives 1-3 off of Choeng Mon beach.  Both of my students did very good and I also recruited 5 more dogs to start their course next week.

I wasn’t the only one busy today.  We had a good group on the boat today with some fun divers and some courses.  Right now we have advanced courses and nitrox specialties going on and some open waters starting tomorrow.  I hope that after this course I can maybe teach some of these dogs the advanced.  You can check out some of the pictures from my course, together with some of the days’ diving in Koh Tao below.  I hope to get done as my friends Rafael and Maite are coming in next week to do some diving and Rescue Diver course and nitrox courses.  I am sure Eric will ask me to assist in the rescue course.  I can be the panicked dog in the water.  I can’t wait till they try to give my rescue breaths.

As far as the weather goes, looks good again for tomorrow.  Hot and sunny.  Like grounddog day.  The system that was supposed to come in next week looks like it is weakening, so we may have a few days of wind, but then calming right down again.

Well, I got to go plan for tomorrow’s open water sessions so

Bark at ya later,