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Daily Woof & Weather -9th March

Hey buddies,

I took the day off today and left Eric & Dayna to entertain the crowds in the shop as my ears have been a bit sore (which I’m off to see the doc about) and with all the customers trying to scratch behind them (which I usually love, btw), it’s been agony trying to not yelp and scare the lovely people off! So I apologize for those of you that missed me today.

With regards to diving, Axel went to Chumphon Pinnacles today with Isabelle & Simon from Germany. All went well and the sun shone for everyone …speaking of sun, it’s been roasting hot the last few days, even with some heavy rain in the evenings, it’s still really warm. Tomorrow looks like another nice day; cloudy in the morning with highs of 29*C, and no rain forecast. So, there’s no excuse now for you not to come & join in the fun!

I should be back in the office tomorrow, so stay tun(a)ed…