Regular updates from Stoli (the world's only "Scubadog").

Daily Woof and weather March 7

I finally took a day off to go to the salon and get my hair and nails cut.  Although it doesn’t really matter as I was irresistible to the ladies without my haircut.  Of course now I am the stud dog of Samui with my new haircut.

Hopefully the shop did not burn down without my supervision, but I checked in through the day and found out that everyone had a great day on the boats to Koh Tao.  Karl and Dayna had fundivers (including Phillipe, who is celebrating his 50th birthday today), Joe had some DSD’s and Axel had a nice group of DSDs also.  Eric had to stay in the office while everyone else was in the water.

Tomorrow we have divers going out to the Marine Park.  That should be fun, but I think I will just strut up and down the beautiful beach here at the shop and tease the other dogs.

As far as the weather goes, more perfect weather for tomorrow, with a high of 32 and sunshine.  It is getting a little hot now, and good thing we have the pool and sea to cool ourselves off in.

I’ll leave you some pictures of today’s dives and maybe a glamour shot also.

Bark at ya later,


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