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Daily Woof and Weather March 6

Hey Folks,

Well, things will finally get back to normal as Eric is back from the US, and I can finally take some time off. Eric was back in the US skiing and attending my Uncle Dave’s wedding.  Congratulations to Eric’s brother Dave on getting married over the weekend.  Too bad I had to stay here and run the shop.  The shop was so busy while he was gone and of course I was in charge the whole time and if I may say so, I did an awesome job running the shop.  Now I can get back to relaxing a little and playing on the beach instead of barking out orders.

Today was a busy day again as we had Karl, Joe, and JC on the boats going to Sail Rock and Koh Tao.  Congratulations to Annie, Johann, and Edita on finishing their scuba diver course today and Darren on completing his open water course.

It was really cool as Joe taught the course in sign language as Annie is deaf, believe it or not, Joe can teach courses in sign language.  Of course so can I, but sometimes it get confusing as I try to sign with all four hands.

Axel was also busy in the pool today doing try dives and Dayna in the office.  We got some really cool new green shirts in today for St. Patricks Day but we all know that it’s the cool picture of the handsome guy on the shirts that sells them.

Tomorrow is another busy day with Axel, Karl, Joe and Dayna all on the boats with courses, fun divers and DSD’s. It should be a great day.

As far as the weather goes, tomorrow looks like another fantastic day of hot, sun, and no wind.  And it looks like the same for the next few days.

Well I will bark at ya later,