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Daily Woof January 20

Hey Folks,

Sorry that I missed doing my blog the last couple of days as I was traveling back from the north of Thailand.  Of course once I got back to the office today I had to crack the whip a little.  I was missing two bones and some of my treats were missing also.  I suspect that Karl took the bones and Axel probably stole the treats.  I see him drooling every time I am eating one.

It is nice to be back to warm and sunny Samui after spending a few days in the relatively cold north.  I felt like I should have been skiing, but could not find any snow.  I will need to get back on the beach this weekend and get my nice tan back.

Well, the gang at discovery had a fun time while I was gone with new open water divers and DSDs and fun divers and they tell me that the conditions are greeeeat now.  Axel had a couple of divers in Koh Tao and Karl was at Chumphon and came back with a huge smile on his face saying that Chumphon was awesome today.  He and Ian had a great dive there.  i hope I can get out there soon and show them how it is done.

We have a little bit of a slower day tomorrow and then we really get busy with a lot of courses and divers next week so I am psyched.  There’s going to be a lot of new people in the shop to hang out with and show my new toys to.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the dives and talk to you tomorrow.



Daily Woof -January 17th

Today, newlyweds Rute & Paulo became our newest Open Water divers, with two great dives at Sail Rock with Papa Joe! Ian from England also came along for a fun-dive with Karl.

The sun stayed out for everyone, which made the day all the more enjoyable. As for ‘muggins’ here & Eric, we’ve been in Chiang-Mai, which has experienced a bit of a freak ‘cold spell’ with temperatures of -1*C!!! What’s that all about. Brrrrr! Time to get back to sunny Koh Samui I think…

Daily Woof -January 16th

Wow! -What an amazing day!

Paulo & Rute did their first Open Water dives at Mango Bay with Joe, the site has cleared up nicely and has great visibility now. Dayna took Su Sze to Chumphon Pinnacle which was (as usual) full of marine life. Both groups went to Twins for the second dive where everyone saw lots of cool stuff, including a Yellow Margin Triggerfish busy building it’s nest, right inbetween the shallow & middle pinnacles! Tomorrow Paulo and Rute will finish their course at Sail Rock (lucky people), while fun-diver Ian is off to Koh Tao. Lets hope the sun stays out in Koh Tao as it did today.

Life is good.

We have a few pics of today’s dives, just incase you weren’t jealous already…

Daily Woof -January 15th

Today,  Paulo & Rute finished their confined water session in the (slightly chilly) swimming pool, but at least it wasn’t full of people! It’s rained aaaaall night into the afternoon in Samui, lets hope tomorrow has better weather for their first Open Water dives.

I’m glad I’m in Chiang Mai, it’s dry up here (and not just because I am sat on the back of an elephant with Eric…)

While I’m away, why don’t you all have a go at this little puzzle; hidden in the grid are some fishy finds that you may well come across here in the Gulf of Thailand. Let me know if you find them all!

Anemone, Barracuda, Boxfish, Clam, Crab, Cucumber, Damsel, Eel, Gobi, Nudibranch, Octopus, Ray, Seahorse, Seasnake, Shark, Shrimp, Urchin, Whale, Worm.

Daily Woof -January 14th

Rain, rain, go away, we like to get wet a different way!

Well, despite the rain, Paulo & Rute from Portugal started their Open Water course today, so they had the pleasure of ‘Papa Joe’ to teach them all they need to know about the theory of diving and prepare them for their pool session tomorrow. Lets hope it’s stopped raining by then…

Oh, by the way, nothing happened to Eric yesterday -it was all an act to get more attention (and he thinks I milk it)!

Daily Woof -January 13th

Hhhhaaaaooooowwwwwww… Friday 13th!

I dunno about you guys, but I’m not superstitious. Eric, on the other hand, is freaking out! A black cat crossed his path this morning chasing a lone Magpie (yeah, Magpie’s in Bangkok? Who’d have thought..), just as he walked over three drains under a ladder! He’s been paranoid all day, thinks he’s in for some real bad luck -I’m sure if I stick by him, he’ll be fine. To keep you occupied and out of trouble, I thought I’d post a little puzzle ‘Spot the Difference’ -this picture has 13 differences, can you find them?

As for the diving, it’s quiet today -but we have 2 Open Water students starting tomorrow, which will be good fun.

Happy Friday 13th everyone!

Daily Woof -January 12th

Afternoon everyone! I’m taking a break from diving with Eric to see some sights and sample some of the delights of Thailand, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon (when we get bored of being on land for too long). Meanwhile..

We had another great day of diving with Instructor Joe taking Ashley & Graham to Koh Tao on their first ever dive! They went to ‘Twins’ in the west on dive one and ‘Tanote Bay’ in the south for their second dive. They had an awesome time swimming about with all the different colourful critters (see below). There was a storm in the early hours of this morning, but thankfully that cleared up by the time the boat left.

Lets hope that’s the way things stay. Visibility is also improving now and we are starting to see some really cool stuff out there. I’m sure it won’t be long before I drag Eric by the leash back to sunny Samui…