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Daily Woof 22 December

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Another great day at Discovery!

While I was busy in the office (mainly keeping Eric in order), Dayna & Karl took some divers out to Sail Rock & Koh Tao.

Dayna went out today with our divers Aris, Joe & Ranelle and they weren’t disapointed with the usual fish soup that is ‘Sail Rock’ ..barracuda (great, chevron & yellowtail’s), Jann’s pipefish, white-eyed morays, blue ringed & sixbar angelfish, butterflyfish (lined, coral, hong-kong & eight-banded), a lone and very nosy batfish, a large masked porcupine fish, trevallys, giant groupers, fusilliers and of course, a triggerfish!

Karl took three ‘newbies’ out to experience the underwater world around Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan (the trio of islands that feature on many postcards in the Gulf) and had a whale of a time. I just wish I could’ve tagged along, but I’m up to my jowls in the office at the moment ..anyway, I’m the only cute one at Discovery and the customers love me!

Another busy day tomorrow, so I’m off to take a nap.



Daily Woof December 21

Hi Folks,

Another day that I was so busy I am only getting to write my blog now.  It’s so much fun when we are busy.  There are people in the shop all day to play with, and then when the boats start coming back there are even more people.  I actually chewed through my ball today because I was playing so much.

Also at our shop now we are showing and selling marine life art from our instructor Dayna.  The pictures are really good and I was showing some of our guests the pictures today  (see picture).  I’ll show you some of these tomorrow.

Congratulations to Marcus who completed his navigation specialty course today.  He is doing his Fish ID specialty on Friday with Eric and then he will have completed his Master Scuba Diver certification.  We’ve got two boats going out tomorrow with fun divers and courses and then Friday we are actually full already.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny all day so come check me out on the beach behind our shop at the Amari.

Talk to you later,



Stoli showing some people Dayna's artwork





Original artwork now available!

Original artwork by Discovery Divers instructor Dayna is now on display and available for purchase in the dive centre. All her inspiration is taken from marine life around the Gulf of Thailand and each drawing is an original (no prints or duplicates will be made and are exclusive to Discovery Divers dive centre), they are also signed by the artist and already framed/mounted for you.

An ideal gift for any fish-lover, these colourful sketches start at ONLY 2350 baht. Book a course/trip and get 10% off all Dayna’s artwork!!! Just quote ‘PROMOTION FEBRUARY’ when you make your purchase.

Daily Woof December 20

What up peeps?

Another busy day here at Discovery Divers.   There were so many people in the shop today that I never got to take my usual nap.

High season is definitely here now.  Dayna was out with Peter and Candy in Koh Tao, Axel was doing open water course, Eric was conducting a navigation specialty course and Karl was in the pool with try divers.  Karl got so busy at one point that I decided to jump in the pool to help (see photo), unfortunately the management at the Amari did not seem to appreciate my help in the pool and made me get out.  Jeez, it’s not like I do the things I see the little kids do in the pool!!

Since I was not welcome in the pool I went out to the beach where Eric was with our customer Marcus practicing land navigation.

By the time the day was done I had already helped book 10 DSD’s (Discover scuba divers), a few open water courses, and fun divers.  We got a really busy rest of the week ahead of us.  I was so tired that I snuck out of work and went home without finishing.  I guess I can finish up my work in the morning.

I’m real excited tomorrow too as we are on the boat with open water courses, specialty courses and fun divers.  I’ll hang out and give Dayna and Ead a hand in the office tomorrow and maybe get a break to go to the beach.

Well, time to get some sleep so i can be rested for another busy day tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


Hang on Karl. I'll take a couple of divers

Daily Woof -19/12/2011

Hey Everybody,

It’s really starting to ramp up here at Discovery Divers.  It’s nice to see that Koh Samui is getting busy again and we had a lot of customers come in the shop today so I was really busy greeting everyone and showing them all the new diving equipment we have in the shop now.

We’ve got everyone busy with divers tomorrow with open water courses, fun diving and scuba reviews going on.  I hope the wind dies down a little so we nice rides out to the dive sites.

With all the people on the beach now here behind our office I got out with Eric to take a walk all the way down Chaweng beach.  I haven’t seen this many people in a while.  i made a lot of new friends today and was showing everybody my new ball I got,  but I am not sure why Eric only wants me to make friends with pretty girls.

I’m gong to have to go home and get a good rest tonight as we are going to be busy tomorrow too.  On Wednesday we have trips to Sail Rock and Koh Tao and Eric promised me that I can go diving if I behave myself and don’t beg food from everyone on the beach.  Well, I can go diving anytime I guess.   The beach food is too good.  I’ll leave you with some pictures from the beach today and talk to you all tomorrow.




Daily Woof -Christmas Night Out!

Hey there,

Last night’s Discovery Divers staff Christmas party turned out to be a really great evening; Eric, Karl, Axel, Dayna, Ead & Tuk all came along to ‘Prego’ Italian restaurant where we ate lots of delicious food and toasted a Merry Christmas to all. The evening ended with some drinks in Chaweng, with no-one mis-behaving too much (as far as I’m aware)!  Although, I did resort to ‘hair of the dog’ with a  small beer today -as I wasn’t diving.

Tommorrow we’re off to Sail Rock for some fun dives, so I’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the photos I took last night…

Daily Woof

Hey everyone,

What a day here in Samui.  It was raining cats and people  this morning, but then the rain stopped but still very windy and big waves.  We didn’t go diving today as it really was not safe.  This of course gave me the opportunity to grab my board and hang 20 our there in Choeng Mon beach.  I was catching some big waves dude.  You should have seen me.

After surfing I still had time to check up on what was going on at the shop.  Eric, Karl, Axel and Ead were busy getting everything scheduled for the upcoming days and getting good with the new diving software program that we just installed.  This program will help keep things very organized and run very smooth in the mornings when we are diving.  They also had a busy day selling equipment and those t-shirts they sell with the cool and handsome guy on them.

Well, now it is off ot pick up my tuxedo as tonight is the Discovery Divers staff dinner and drinks extravaganza in Chaweng.  I am so excited that I have already picked out my order:  2 steaks, one chicken, some calamari and for dessert a big bowl of vanilla ice cream.

After that we are all heading down to the heart of Chaweng for some partying.  If you are in Chaweng, feel free to join us.  Of course I will be the one surrounded by all the bitches (I can say that, being a dog).  Eric already gave me the day off tomorrow to sleep in so watch out tonight!!

OK people so I am on my way and then take a nap (yes, another one) to rest up for tonight.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow although my blog may be a little later in the day.

Bye bye,



Check out me practicing my giant stride entry